• Dyad.com CEO + Mountaineer



    I am passionate about working with awesome people to tackle big challenges in the education space because I believe education is the single greatest opportunity for personal empowerment and societal transformation.

    Education = Opportunity.

    Dyad.com Founder & CEO

    Mentorship for the Motivated

    Shanghai | Singapore | Seattle


    Dyad.com (formerly ChaseFuture) connects students and young professionals with mentors for expert admissions and career advice. We believe in the transformative power of mentorship and are on a mission to provide mentorship for the motivated. Our team of 200+ have mentored over 1,700 paying clients, helping them earn scholarships worth $1.2M and admission to universities in 23 countries. 630 of our clients have been admitted to a Top 25 University including 136 to the Ivy League.


    We have raised $1M in Venture Capital from top funds like 500 Startups, SOSV, Artesian Capital Management, Banyan Partners, Harbor Pacific Capital. We were recognized as People's Choice for Asia's Best Startup at the 2015 Echelon Summit.


    Our Advisory Board includes the former CEO of McDonalds, former Secretary of the U.S. Air Force, and a National Program Chairman for 7 U.S. Presidents. You can learn more about our model and mission in Forbes, TechCrunch, University World News, Huffington Post, and the World Economic Forum Agenda.


    We are always looking to build our team with rockstar talent. We have openings for best-in-class web developers, friendly bi-lingual salespeople, and insightful admissions mentors. Email us to apply: Careers[at]Dyad.com


    Moneythink Co-Founder & Chairman

    Educating Urban Youth on Money Smarts

    Coast-to-Coast, USA


    Moneythink is a movement of young people working to restore the economic health of the United States through financial education. We believe every student should have the knowledge and support to make prudent financial decisions and our volunteer mentors are making it possible. Moneythink's 650 college mentors have trained over 10,000 highschoolers to make and manage money in 17 U.S. States.


    We've raised more that $2.5M from generous donors and organizations like JP Morgan, Google, MassChallenge, CFSI, Capital One, PwC, Blackstone and American Express. Our work has been recognized by President Obama, NASDAQ, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Chicago Tribune and numerous others. 


    The Harvard Business Review called Moneythink a company that offers meaningful work. We believe in the power of human potential, and we love to work with people who share that belief. If you’re looking for a mission-driven, results-oriented work environment and awesome colleagues, we’d love to hear from you.

    U.S. Alliance Strategist 

    Shaping American Foreign Policy



    I have been selected for 10 sponsored international delegations and have been a featured speaker in 8 countries. As a Harry S Truman Scholar at the University of Chicago, I authored the first white paper to use a geopolitical defensive realist framework to explain the East Asian naval arms race and how the U.S. must enlist democratic maritime allies to ensure peace.


    I serve as an Advisory Board Member to the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism, a leading international security affairs research institute. My writing has been featured in the Seattle Times and Real Clear World. The Diplomatic Courier has recognized my work by naming me one of the "Top 99 Foreign Policy Leaders Under 33."


    "I can attest that Greg ranks among the best. He is an extremely bright, thoughtful and magnetic person with an admirable track record of mobilizing people and resources for worthwhile causes, with a demonstrated commitment to education and public service." 

    - John Morrison, former President, Association of American Rhodes Scholars 


    "I was impressed by Greg's range of interests and quality of insight. I predict Greg will be a future star of some kind. I recommend him!”

    - Ben Casnocha, #1 NY Times Best Selling Author


    "Greg uses his insights into international relations to predict, with great clarity, geopolitical events and their economic ramifications."
    Matthew Harsch, Merrill Lynch


    "I am continuously impressed by Greg's focus, determination and goal orientation. He maintains equanimity under stress and is adept at building what he envisions."
    Lonnie Stonitsch, Director of Family Action Network


    "It's been exciting to watch Greg turn big ideas into reality. He creates achievable strategies, surrounds himself with the right people, and makes things happen."
    Victor Jih, Amazing Race 14 Winner | Partner of O'Melveny & Myers


    "Greg is a humble leader who can inspire the young and old, investors, employees, customers and colleagues with his vision and ethical approach to business and big-picture thinking on difficult public policy challenges."
    - Tidal McCoy, former Secretary of the U.S. Air Force


    "Little by little, one travels far." -J.R.R. Tokien


    I climb great peaks for great causes

    Europe, USA and Asia


    I've enjoyed time in the Rockies, Tetons, Alps, Pyrenees, Scottish Highlands, China's Hengduan Mountains, and throughout the Cascades. Previous charity fundraising climbs include a free solo of Mont Blanc's Gonella Glacier (pictured at 4,810M) and speed ascents of China's Haba Xueshan (5,396M), and Mount Siguniang (5,276M).



    Up next is an attempt on Yu Zhu, a 6,224M (20,420ft.) mountain in China's wild Qinghai Province.


    Check out my interview with Cambridge Business School for more on the connection between climbing and business leadership.




    "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift" -Pre

    England and Asia


    I've jogged 31 countries so far and have finished 10 marathons, twice qualifying for Boston. I've run the UK coast-to-coast (70 miles in 13:47) and was profiled in Adventure World Magazine for crossing the Gobi Desert during a 250KM ultra.


    Up next is a 100-mile ultramarathon on December 31st in Hong Kong.


    You can read the story of my Gobi Crossing for more on the ultra marathon community and my running philosophy: we aim to find our limits and push past them.



    Open-Water Swimmer 

    Aspiring Amphibian 

    Swimming the Seven Seas


    I grew up swimming Washington's Puget Sound and have crossed the Nile, Thames (pictured), Seine, Douro, Huangpu, Moskva, and Jordan rivers. I've also swum the Persian Gulf, Mediterranean, Marmara, and Dead seas. My favorite way to see a city is on the run or by swim.


    My big goal is to cross the English Channel.


    Hillside Hiker 

    Exploring Forested Trails 

    USA, Iberia and Asia.


    My brother, sister and I spent many summers climbing trees and walking trails in the Olympics. I've enjoyed alpine scrambles and extended hikes in Washington, Oregon, California, Wyoming, and Colorado. My favorite hike so far was my two-week, 400-miler on Iberia's Pilgrimage Trail from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela.


    Up next is a backpacking trip to the Tibetan Highlands.


    “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” -Mark Twain


    Current learning projects are Mandarin Chinese and PHP web development... 

    Long way to go on both!


    Cambridge Business School

    Gates Scholar

    Cambridge, UK


    University of Chicago

    Truman Scholar 

    Chicago, USA

    • Washington State's 2010 Harry S Truman Scholar. I was 1 of 60 national recipients for a $30,000 graduate school award and selected for leadership potential and a commitment to public service
    • Served as Student Government President, representing 15,000 students as chief liaison to university administrators 
    • Competed for Varsity Track, Crew and Rugby teams
    • Delta Upsilon Fraternity - 2011 Undergraduate of the Year (of 3,000+ active members)
    • Graduated with Honors in Political Science (International Relations focus)


    Finding Balance

    Chess, Reading, Faith