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    Hi, I'm Greg Nance

    I'm a nonprofit leader, youth mentor, and ultramarathon runner.
    I proudly represent Kitsap as a Washington State Rep.
  • My Work

    I'm passionate about building great teams to take on great challenges

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    Moneythink Co-Founder & Chairman

    Less Debt, More Degrees

    Coast-to-Coast, USA


    Recognized by President Obama as a "Champion of Change" at the White House in 2012, Moneythink brings transparency to college costs so that all students are equipped to invest in their futures.


    Since 2008 we've equipped over 33,000 students with financial life skills. Nearly 90% of the students we've coached have enrolled in college with a sustainable financial plan.


    You can learn more about how we're leveraging technology to boost college access in this Stanford Social Innovation Review article.  


    Our work is supported by generous grassroots donors and organizations like Google, Prudential, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


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    Dyad Mentorship Founder & CEO

    Education = Opportunity

    Shanghai & Seattle


    At Dyad we connect students with mentors for life-changing admissions and career advice. Our 200+ mentors helped students earn over $27M in scholarships ($27,157,029 but who's counting :-). Over 1 million students worldwide have used our free articles and videos to guide their university journey.


    You can learn more about our mission and model in interviews with Cambridge University, Huffington Post, and the World Economic Forum Agenda.

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    Hood Canal Coordinating Council

    Solutions for salmon recovery

    Hood Canal Coordnating Council is our region's Lead Entity on salmon recovery. Nominated by Commissioner Rob Gelder, I proudly represent Kitsap on the Citizens Advisory Group.


    We've visited numerous proposed project sites across the Hood Canal ecosystem to evaluate prospective ROI. In partnership with Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe, we are working to secure $680,000 in preliminary funding for Port Gamble Bay nearshore restoration which will provide vital estuarial habitat for Hood Canal summer chum and threatened Puget Sound chinook.


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    Kitsap Mental Health Services Board of Directors

    Hope lives here

    The KMHS team of 470 employees annually serves over 8,000 children, families, and adults across Kitsap County to deliver on our “Hope Lives Here” mental health mission. We partner with social service and housing providers, schools, law enforcement, jail services and the courts, to provide a full range of behavioral health services and comprehensive care.


    As a Board Member, I am eager to contribute to the expansion of youth mental health programming and partnerships to better serve Kitsap students and young people.

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    Advancing Scholarship Opportunities

    Paying it forward

    I was only able to attend my dream schools, UChicago and Cambridge, with the help of scholarships. I'm on a mission to pay it forward by partnering with orgs doing great work:


    • The Harry S Truman Scholarship is the Presidential Memorial to Public Service. I was Washington State's 2010 recipient and I served on the Board of Directors of the Truman Scholars Association from 2016-2021.


    • The Gates Cambridge Scholarship was established by Bill & Melinda Gates as a global network of emerging leaders dedicated to tackling worldwide challenges. I was a 2011 recipient and served on the Gates Cambridge Alumni Association Board from 2019-2021.


    Rhodes Scholarships were first awarded to Chinese students in 2015. I was honored to serve on the Pre-Selection Committee in 2015 and 2016.


    MakerGirl has inspired over 6,500 girls with STEM mentorship. Since 2018 I've served on the Board and am excited to support future leaders in science and technology!


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    U.S. Foreign Policy

    American leadership in the Pacific

    I believe American leadership is vital to preserving peace and prosperity in the 21st century. As a Truman Scholar at UChicago, I authored the first white paper to use a geopolitical defensive realist framework to explain the East Asian naval arms race and how the U.S. must enlist democratic maritime allies to ensure regional stability.


    Since 2014 I have served on the Advisory Board of the Chicago Project on Security and Threats. CPOST is a U.S. Department of Defense-funded research center that provides data-driven insights to policymakers, scholars, and the public.


    My writing has been featured in the Seattle Times and I've shared insights on Sino-American relations with London's NBC News and Beijing's China Global TV (watch here).

  • Running Across America

    to spark a nationwide movement for youth mental health

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    3,156 miles for the mission

    With the help of an amazing support team, I ran 3156 miles from New York City to Ocean Shores, WA.


    I started with a foot in the Atlantic on April 25th 2022.


    And then ran the equivalent of 120 marathons across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Washington to dip my feet in the Pacific on July 17th.


    Here's our route and day-by-day itinerary.

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    Keep Showing Up

    The mantra that got me to the startline and helped me power thru exhaustion and self-doubt while crossing the continent.


    You can read this Seattle Times feature and listen to the REI podcast for more on the Run Across America and the obstacles we faced reeling in the Pacific (including tendinitis, back spasms, heatwaves, tornado warnings, baseball-sized hailstones, and flooding)


    You can follow @GregRunsFar on Instagram to see the beautiful landscapes + sunsets we enjoyed and read my daily recaps to meet some of the wonderful folks from the road.

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    Running for youth mental health

    Run Far Community Grants fund youth-led volunteer projects in all 50 states.


    We enable meaningful community service and help young people find purpose, have fun, and stay healthy by building emotional resilience.


    Sample Community Grant projects include: hosting a schoolyard concert or picnic, roadside litter cleanup, fun run, art walk, hiking excursion, group yoga or meditation circle, launching a mentoring program, growing a community garden, or painting a mural.


    Visit RunFarFoundation.com to learn more and nominate a youth leader.


  • Testimonials

    “Greg Nance already has many impressive accomplishments. Given his personal traits and proven capabilities, Greg is ideally suited to serve Kitsap."

    - Don Bonker, retired U.S. Congressman


    "Greg has built inclusive teams at Moneythink, Dyad, and Parkrun where all perspectives are celebrated and everyone is empowered to contribute. We've worked together since 2015 and I'm continually impressed by Greg's determination, focus, courage, and kindness."

    - Madeline Niebanck, Stroke Survivor and Author


    "Greg is a humble leader who can inspire the young and old, investors, employees, customers and colleagues with his vision and ethical approach to business and big-picture thinking on difficult public policy challenges."

    - Tidal McCoy, former Secretary of the U.S. Air Force


    "I invited Greg to speak to students in my 'A Life Worth Living' course. He shared stories from his run across America and encouraged each student to find their purpose then work toward it. Greg inspired several to take the first steps. I recently learned his Run Far Foundation has funded one of the student projects to serve groceries and hygiene products to unhoused youth and immigrant families."

    - James Wellman, Professor, University of Washington


    "I can attest that Greg ranks among the best. He is an extremely bright, thoughtful and magnetic person with an admirable track record of mobilizing people and resources for worthwhile causes, with a demonstrated commitment to education and public service."

    - John Morrison, former President, Association of American Rhodes Scholars


    "I am continuously impressed by Greg's focus, determination and goal orientation. He maintains equanimity under stress and is adept at building what he envisions."

    - Lonnie Stonitsch, Director of Family Action Network


    "Having worked closely with Greg Nance as non profit board members, I am a huge fan. Greg has this ability to combine the human touch of empathy and really listening to people to identify their concerns with insightful financial, strategic, and sustainable operational contributions that support an organization's success and mission - including identifying opportunities to effectively address unmet needs."

    - Dr. Marc Miller, former Chief Medical Officer of The Polyclinic

  • Did I mention I'm a huge Seahawks fan?

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    Seattle Seahawks 12 Ambassador

    Cheering with the World's Best Fans

    My running career peaked in 2016 when Delta Air Lines named me "12 Ambassador" to the Seattle Seahawks and featured my ultra running in TV commercials.


    The Seahawks shared a fun recap after I ran 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents:


    "Nance was born into a Seahawks family as his dad was a beer vendor at the King Dome during the 1983 and ’84 seasons. His fandom started at a young age, wearing his number 12 Seahawks jersey to peewee football practice, continuing to represent his favorite NFL team over the years wearing a Seahawks cap while running some of the toughest footraces in the world."


    Fellow 12? Reach out because I love talking Hawks and cheering with the best fans!