• Testimonials

    “Greg Nance already has many impressive accomplishments. Given his personal traits and proven capabilities, Greg is ideally suited to serve Kitsap."

    - Don Bonker, retired U.S. Congressman


    "Greg has built inclusive teams at Moneythink, Dyad, and Parkrun where all perspectives are celebrated and everyone is empowered to contribute. We've worked together since 2015 and I'm continually impressed by Greg's determination, focus, courage, and kindness."

    - Madeline Niebanck, Stroke Survivor and Author


    "Greg is a humble leader who can inspire the young and old, investors, employees, customers and colleagues with his vision and ethical approach to business and big-picture thinking on difficult public policy challenges."

    - Tidal McCoy, former Secretary of the U.S. Air Force


    "I invited Greg to speak to students in my 'A Life Worth Living' course. He shared stories from his run across America and encouraged each student to find their purpose then work toward it. Greg inspired several to take the first steps. I recently learned his Run Far Foundation has funded one of the student projects to serve groceries and hygiene products to unhoused youth and immigrant families."

    - James Wellman, Professor, University of Washington


    "I can attest that Greg ranks among the best. He is an extremely bright, thoughtful and magnetic person with an admirable track record of mobilizing people and resources for worthwhile causes, with a demonstrated commitment to education and public service."

    - John Morrison, former President, Association of American Rhodes Scholars


    "I am continuously impressed by Greg's focus, determination and goal orientation. He maintains equanimity under stress and is adept at building what he envisions."

    - Lonnie Stonitsch, Director of Family Action Network


    "Having worked closely with Greg Nance as non profit board members, I am a huge fan. Greg has this ability to combine the human touch of empathy and really listening to people to identify their concerns with insightful financial, strategic, and sustainable operational contributions that support an organization's success and mission - including identifying opportunities to effectively address unmet needs."

    - Dr. Marc Miller, former Chief Medical Officer of The Polyclinic