• Expeditions 

    "Little by little, one travels far." -J.R.R. Tolkien

    Ultramarathon Runner

    Pushing past our limits



    In February 2019, I completed the World Marathon Challenge where I ran 7 Marathons in 7 Days on 7 Continents. Beginning with 26.2 miles in Antarctica, I then ran back-to-back marathons in Cape Town, Perth, Dubai, Madrid, Santiago, and Miami!


    On August 7th 2022, I set the Mt. Rainier Sea-to-Summit "World First" record — first person to ever run 85 miles and climb 14,411ft. from Puget Sound to Tahoma's summit.


    Check out my interview with Cambridge University for more on my "Run the mile you're on" mindset.


    You can read the story of my Gobi Crossing for more on the ultramarathon community and my running philosophy: we aim to find our limits and push past them.


    It's been a huge honor to #RunHappy as a Brooks Global Ambassador since 2016.


    I've set 36 Fastest Known Time running records in my Brooks shoes. More to come!


    Follow me on Instagram @GregRunsFar for updates and visit GregRunsFar.com to learn more about my passion for running.



    I climb great peaks for great causes

    Europe, USA and Asia


    I've enjoyed time in the Rockies, Tetons, Alps, Pyrenees, Scottish Highlands, China's Hengduan Mountains, and throughout the Cascades. Previous charity fundraising climbs include a free solo of Mont Blanc's Gonella Glacier (pictured at 4,810M) and speed ascents of China's Haba Xueshan (5,396M), and Mount Siguniang (5,276M).


    Up next is an attempt on Yu Zhu, a 6,224M (20,420ft.) mountain in China's wild Qinghai Province.


    Check out my interview with Cambridge Business School for more on the connection between climbing and business leadership.



    Open-Water Swimmer 

    Aspiring Amphibian 

    Swimming the Seven Seas


    I grew up swimming Washington's Puget Sound and have crossed the Nile, Thames (pictured), Seine, Douro, Huangpu, Moskva, and Jordan rivers. I've also swum the Persian Gulf, Aegean, Andaman, Coral, Marmara, Mediterranean, Dead, South and East China seas. My favorite way to see a city is on the run or by swim.


    I've also been captivated by Scuba diving since my first time below the waves at Australia's Great Barrier Reef!


    My big goal is to cross the English Channel.


    Hillside Hiker 

    Exploring Forested Trails 

    USA, Iberia and Asia.


    My brother, sister and I spent many summers climbing trees and walking trails on the Kitsap Peninsula and in the Olympics. I've enjoyed alpine scrambles and extended hikes in Washington, Oregon, California, Wyoming, Colorado, and western China. My favorite hike so far was my two-week, 400-miler on Iberia's Pilgrimage Trail from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela.